Press Release

Contemporary Fine Art Jewellery Exhibition explores the idea of ‘Donning Oxford’

O3 Gallery, Oxford Castle Quarter

Exhibition runs: Saturday 2nd June – Sunday 1st July 2012

O3 Gallery’s forthcoming exhibition ‘Donning Oxford’ prompts its artists and audience alike to re-evaluate relationships with the city and to explore and stretch the notions of how or what it is to 'don' Oxford.
“Oxford is more complex than the sum of its streets, landmarks and the widely held notions on its culture.”  Donning Oxford exhibition co-curator, Fliss Quick.

The exhibition’s curators Tamsin Leighton-Boyce, Natalie Smith and Fliss Quick have selected artists for this exhibition on the grounds of their broad approach to jewellery making and the exhibition promises interpretations and responses to this theme in varied and surprising ways.

Often described as ‘studio’ or ‘art’ jewellers, the artists exhibiting at ‘Donning Oxford’ encompass a wide range of methodologies from conceptual to material exploration. These artists use ‘jewellery’ as a medium or subject within their practice to question assumptions about jewellery itself and to raise questions and communicate thoughts about the world around us. 

In the words of the curators;
 “‘Art Jewellery’ is fun, hilarious, thoughtful, enquiring, delightful and never ever boring. It’s a medium to communicate something of your inner self externally and wear-ably; it is wearable contemporary art.”

 “Donning Oxford” is open to the public from 2nd June - 1st July 2012 at the O3 Gallery, Oxford Castle Quarter and all visitors to this exhibition can look forward to surprising and delightful interpretations of Oxford.

Notes to Editors  

The O3 Gallery is a high quality, contemporary commercial art space that offers the public affordable, original artwork and provides selling opportunities for regional artists. The O3 Gallery endeavours to be seen as a centre for artistic activity within Oxford City. This is achieved through the delivery of varied and high quality exhibitions and events related to all aspects of the arts, created for the benefit of the local community and visitors to the area. The O3 Gallery proudly describes itself as the friendliest gallery in Oxford, welcoming art connoisseurs and beginners alike, and placing a strong emphasis on visitor information and interpretation of the artwork. The O3 space itself is of the highest quality and presented as an unusual circular gallery on two half levels. Fitted with state of the art lighting and hanging systems, flagstone floors and painted stone walls, the Gallery combines contemporary design with the unique heritage of Oxford Prison. Adjoining the Malmaison Hotel, the Gallery is only a few steps away from Oxford Preservation Trust’s visitor attractions at the Castle and Mound.
Opening times during exhibitions:
Tues - Fri 12-5pm, Sat & Sun 11am-4pm, Closed Mondays.

“Donning Oxford” will be exhibited at the O3 Gallery, Oxford Castle Quarter and is curated by artists: Tamsin Leighton-Boyce, Natalie Smith and Fliss Quick. For interviews and further information please contact the curators by email
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